So, of the election things I listened to on the radio, I was most impressed with McCain's speech. He was respectful and gracious and had good things to say. And wow, his crowd was scary. Maybe all crowds are. Maybe if Obama had lost, his statements would be booed as well. But McCain seemed saddened by his crowd.

I haven't heard Obama speak very often and he is indeed a good speaker. But I didn't like his speech as much as McCain's. There was less for him to say, really. He had to win graciously and then try to pep people up to be excited about him. And he did that well. But I was touched by McCain's speech. It's like the craziness was finally over for him and he could just say what he wanted. Maybe that's wrong, maybe he just wanted to look good. But he certainly didn't please his crowd much.


Truth faced
leaves a strange taste
When joy and sadness meet
A country rain on a city street
This life is bittersweet.

'bye 2007.

It's been really weird.

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Had an incredibly bizarre dream last night. It began with a weird card game that was a cross between bridge and Magic that might even play in the real world. Perhaps without Garrett's cheese-and-crackers rule for the dummy (there should be no dummy I think) which was crazy but did prove that I can read, count, and do math in my dreams.

Anyway due to the cheese-and-crackers rule a bunch of cards from other decks were called into the dummy to stand trial. It got too full, and because the sum of the value of the cards could not exceed the calories for one serving of cheese and crackers (don't even ask), cards were executed when they went over the limit. This became the Salem Witch Trials rule.

Thinking too long on the Salem witch trials changed the dream. I was playing cards in a grand house and was a wealthy, priviledged, sheltered woman who was just becoming aware that something like the witch trials was happening. Powerful and important people lived in my house, though they wouldn't talk to me about anything.

Sherlock Holmes was there. He kept insisting that we were in a time loop. He had some of these powerful people questioning daily, mundane things that might be repeating exactly. He had them quite confused but never got them to question the trials themselves, and eventually they dismissed him.

He confided to me privately that what he really meant was that history was repeating itself in a huge spiral. I knew what he meant when I realized that I'd been referring to events as the Salem witch trials when in fact we were in the 1800's in England. Yet it was exactly the same thing, happening exactly the same way, as it does.

He was despairing. He said he wished he could stop it. He was probably quite out of character and maybe was a little more The Doctor without any of his powers than Sherlock Holmes. He said he was a coward because he wasn't doing more. He couldn't figure out what to do.